Farmville Hayballe Buy/Sell automation

Hayballe Buy/Sell Automation


This is a Cash/XP tradeoff technique to earn quick farm XP.
If you got lot of cash to spare then u can get quick XP by buying and selling Haybale again and again.

Cost of haybale is 100
XP earned is 5
Sell haybale for 5

So for 95 coins you are getting 5 XP
or 19 coins for 1 XP
which means you spend 19000 for 1000 XP

Though the Soybean Plow Delete method has more value for cash but it takes lot of time.

Hayballe Buy Sell method is lot faster than Soybean Plow Delete method.

This method can be automated using software Hayballe Buy/Sell Automation


Enjoy Farming :)