Gmail getting better with Priority Inbox

Gmail introduced a new feature known as the Priority Inbox . Once there was a saying that you never need to delete a single mail with Gmail. And Gmail has keep to its promise. But what about the ever increasing number of emails in your Inbox. May be you get tones of mail each day and you need to scan through each just to find the one what you are looking for. No need to do this anymore with Priority Inbox in place. gmailpiIt automatically marks what is important and what is not important for you. It divides your inbox into sections (upto 4) and categorize emails into Important, Stared, Unread or display a particular filter selected by you. Most important thing about Priority Inbox is that it automatically learns how you treat your mails send from various senders. Once you mark the an email from a particular sender to be important, from next time onwards when ever an email is received form that sender will come into your important mail list. So with Priority Inbox no important mail will go unread or overlooked.