Adding author image in Multi Post page – Theme Atahualpa

If you are running a multi author blog then you might want to put the authors image beside the post. I got few mails from my readers asking how did I insert Author’s Image beside Post title in multi post page in Atahualpa. So here is how I did that for my site Letusbuzz.


1. Atahualpa Theme for wordpress

2. Gravatar Plugin for wordpress

How to

1. Activate the Gravatar plugin.

2. Login to your website using the Administrator account

3. From Dashboard goto Appearance > Atahualpa Theme Options > Style & Edit CENTRE COLUMN

4. Goto The LOOP section

5. Search the following code

<?php bfa_post_headline('<div class="post-headline">','</div>'); ?>

6. Add the below code just above this line

<?php if ( function_exists('get_avatar') && !is_single() && !is_page()){
echo '<div id="mpavatar">'.get_avatar( get_the_author_email(), ‘16′ ).'</div>' ;
} ?>

7. Save Changes

Styling and positioning the image using CSS

1. Goto Atahualpa Theme Options > Add HTML/CSS insert

2. Add the following code CSS Inserts

div#mpavatar img{
border:1px solid #AAAAAA;
margin:-8px 4px 0;

3. Save changes.

Refresh your webpage and you will see the authors image beside the Post title in the multi post page of your website

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  • Gunilla Brattberg

    I have followed your instructions and I get the avatar besides each post, but where do I import the author images?


    • sudipto

      You don’t need to add the author’s image they are automatically displayed from You need to create an account at gravatar which is free.

  • sudipto

    Goto Atahualpa Theme Options > Style post & pages > Post container and add the below line
    border-bottom: 1px dotted #EEEEEE;

  • Pat

    How about if I wanted to simply add an image, so it acts as a post icon, rather than author’s gravitar??  We would love to make a site visually appealing with a little icon beside each post, can it reach for and grab an image from somewhere?

    • sudipto

      You mean a fixed image or a different image for different post?? If its a fixed image(one image for all posts) then it can be done using CSS.