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Thesis is the most used premium wordpress theme. Its highly optimized for search engines. If you are thinking of getting a premium wordpress theme then buy Thesis. Here I will show you how to move the menu which is placed by default above the header image to below it. The task is quiet simple. All you need to do is put few lines of PHP code into your custom_functions.php. I have explained the steps below.

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Step 1 : Create the custom_functions.php file if not already present

The custom_functions.php file is present under  Thesis/custom folder

ie. — wp-content/themes/thesis_18/custom/custom_functions.php

If the file is not already present then create it using FTP or using File manager from your hosting account control panel. Optionally there is a custom-sample folder already present under your thesis folder. Your are just required to rename this folder to custom.

Step 2 : Enable Custom Stylesheet Options

By default this option is enabled. If not then just login to your wordpress dashboard using your admin login and password. From Dashboard go to Thesis > Site Options > custom stylesheet options then  check the enable custom stylesheet checkbox. Save your settings.

Step 3 : Inserting the code

Here is the

code that you are required to insert in your custom_functions.php

function my_menu()
remove_action('thesis_hook_before_header', 'thesis_nav_menu');
add_action('thesis_hook_after_header', 'my_menu');

Goto Thesis > Custom file editor form your wordpress dasboard. Select custom_functions.php from the drop down box and click edit selected file. Copy the above code and save your custom_functions.php. Thats all is required. Refresh your site and and you will see that the menu has moved below your header image.

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  • Muhammad Kamil Osman

    its not working…by the way, did you use plugin for the related post?

    • sudipto

      I am using yet another related posts plugin

  • KT

    This wasn’t working for me until I pasted it at the top of my custom_functions.php files. Thanks!

  • Youareafaggot

    this doesn’t work you stupid faggot. 

    • sudipto

      This is the only way to change the position of the menu. If you are editing the custom_functions.php file then we expect that you atleast have a little knowledge of PHP. My best guess for the code not working is that you must be wrongly putting php opening and the closing tags. If you already have a php tag then you need to just put the code leaving the first and the last line of the above code

  • sudipto

    Well the code definitely works…. You must be going wrong some where.

    Thanks for the new name.. I like that :)….