Notifier for multiple Gmail accounts including Google Apps – GmailAssistant

Tired of logging in and out of multiple Gmail accounts to check for unread email. To easy your work here is a Gmail Notifier that works with multiple emails at a time.

GmailAssistant – Review

The best application that I came across for Gmail unread emails notification. It has has been coded with java that means its compatible with both Windows and Linux. Its a free application and is highly customizable. You can save the settings in password protected profiles. This is one of the features that is missing in most or say all other multiple gmail notifiers. This is one of the reason that I recommend this notifier.  It has the ability to check even individual labels of your gmail account. You also have the option to choose from various notification options like sound alert, popup etc. All in all its truly the best notifier for gmail. Try it out

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