Google Releases New Photo-Sharing Social Network

Since its inception, Google’s new social network Google+ has created a lot of buzz in the social media world: it inquired more than 10 million users within its first couple of weeks. While the media has focused most of its attention on Google+ (it is after all rumored to pose a serious threat for social networking king Facebook), Google has also quietly launched another social networking site that can be seen as equally promising— especially for all of the photo lovers.

The new social networking site, which is really a photo-sharing service, is called The PhotoVine. While technically it’s not all that unique in concept— it is extremely similar to the popular iPhone app Instagram and Picctu—it’s still a new fun and creative way to meet people and socialize with friends.  Similar to the other services, all a user has to do is upload their favorite digital pics located on their desktop or smartphone and voila! All of your followers can view and comment on your photos.

PhotoVine is not exactly the same as their competitors however; otherwise there would be no use for it in the market. The main idea behind the photo-sharing network is that a user has the ability to “plant a photo and watch it grow.” While it may sound a bit cheesy, this tag line is what actually sets this photo-sharing apart from the rest. You can actually create different “vines” (categories) for your photos and keep building on one particular group. If you have a bunch of cutesy photos, categorize them in the “warm and fuzzy” for example. If you have a bunch of silly photos throw them in the “Lolz” vine. You can be as specific or as vague or as original/ unoriginal as you would like when it comes to your vines. In any case, it will help you organize so that you can locate all of your favorite photos in a jiffy.

The service went live late last month and it still only in its beta stage. That said, like all other experimental Google projects, you must first receive an invite in order to access the service. To do that, simply go to After receiving the invite (which will take a few weeks), you’ll then need to add the app in order to do instant upload from your phone.  The app is unfortunately only available for iPhone users at the moment. It is unknown whether Google will release an app for Android or Blackberry users.

To get a better idea of how the photo-sharing network works and to see if it’s something that might be of interest of you, make sure to check out the instructional/video teaser than can be viewed here.