Hide your affiliate links with easy to remember short links

If you are using affiliate links on your wordpress website, then you already know that affiliate links are not only long but also looks ugly. Every time you need to add an affiliate link to your post, you need to first login to your account and copy the links. Well here is a plugin that will make your life a bit easier. I am talking about the Link to URL / post plugin for you wordpress blog.

Link to URL / Post plugin (features)

1. Replace long and ugly looking affiliate links with a short and easy to remember links.

e.g Donation link [https://www.paypal.com/in/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=0mcZ2VIj9TIXY4aE72jvHYjIRE81_kzLRdYlUHoKn8KCMycKh6zLlcYPuXu&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d35d0e363192f28ea2a5d17702da0dbf0]

can be replaced with [ http://letusbuzz.com/donate]

2. Redirect your old post links to a new post link or external link. So in case you have moved a post or have deleted an old post but you want to redirect your visitors to an new post URL, then this is a very handy plugin. One of the major benefit of using this plugin to redirect old post is that you do not need to delete the old post. So you can refer the old post later on or if you just delete the redirection set for the old post then the old post will again be available for your visitors.

3. This plugin can be handy if you want to keep track of the hits/clicks for a particular URL. The plugin maintains a hit count for every redirection set.

Where to download