How To Detect The WordPress Plugins Used By The WordPress Sites

Every day we come across many sites while surfing internet and we really wonder how the sites look so beautiful and the web developers would think that can they integrate these looks or features in there sites as well. So today in this post i am going to help you to know which wordpress plugin has been used by the wordpress site .

Detecting WordPress

 Before that a question comes to our mind that how to know in which software the site has been built?

 Its quite easy to to detect WordPress with Wappalyzer extension for FireFox orChrome sniffer for Google Chrome.

Now we know about the site and so its time to reveal about the wordpress plugins used by the site.

Detecting WordPress plugins

The best way to know about the wordpress plugins is to ask the author of the site but if this method does not work then you can use FireBug (a handy tool). 

HTML indication:

Right click on an element in the page for which you would like to check the plugin for and select Inspect Element.This would surely help to get know about the ID or Class attributes with a name.

Here you can see that the term wpcf7 appears several times for class and id attributes.Searching on Google would reveal that this term stands for WordPress Contact Form 7 plugin. Now you can get to know about others.

CSS and Javascript indication:

As some of the plugins load css and javascript files into memory and therefore they can be easily detected:

Click on Script tab in FireBug panel. As shown in the image below.

A list of all the java scripts would be seen below and all this would help you to know about the plugin.