Plugins – How Are They Useful To Your Blog?

Plugins or Plug-ins in computing are basically software components that are added to a main or major software program. Its usefulness and advantage lie on an essential foundation in computing, that of customization. Plugins can be used to customize certain functions of an application. This in effect will enhance and enlarge the functionality of your application. But are they useful to your blog? Of course they are useful for the following reasons

1. They enable other developers to attach extra applications to your blog.

Extras or extra applications are basic to any blog. A blog devoid of any extras won’t be considered a blog nowadays. Plugins enable other developers to attach these extra applications to your blog with ease. Now your blog will not only be visually appealing, it would also be appealing application wise. So expect more visitors to your blog.

2. They easily allow new features to be added.

Features are the attraction of blogs. No feature, no attraction as well. The drawback of features is that its life cycle has somehow shortened. What may be an attractive feature that will last for a year, may only last for months, even weeks. Updating and adding new features can be done with ease using plugins. That is the way to go.

3. They allow for more capacity through file reduction.

With the volume of data and information being sent, shared and stored, more capacity to your blog means more opportunities. Plugins allow for file sharing and more importantly file reduction. Large files can now be stored in extremely small storage file formats thanks to plugins. You will now increase your capacity to accept more from your visitors.

4. They can screen applications that may slow down your blog.

Speed is of the essence in your blog. Plugins allow you, automatically, to screen application that may slow down your blog. There are a host of application that slow down, instead of speed up your blog. Plugins will allow you the luxury of screening these applications automatically. It is hassle free on your part.

Plugins are indeed useful. No matter what perspective you look at it, plugins give you one benefit after another. The only thing to remember is to decide which plugin you want for your blog. As a general rule, select plugins that;

  1. are easy to attach to your blog,
  2. are loaded with features that are easy to upgrade,
  3. are capable of increasing your file capacity to the brim, and
  4. are loaded with a feature that can automatically screen certain applications that may cause your blog to slow down. But it is still a matter of preference. What you prefer for your blog still counts.