WordPress Plugins that power LetusBuzz

Here is a list of plugins that power Letusbuzz.com. You don’t need to use all of them on your site but the list will of course help you in finding a plugin as per your need. All plugins listed here are the best in what they do.

Essential Plugins (Every blog must have)

1. Google XML Sitemap – It generates XML sitemap of your site. This sitemap helps search engines to crawl your sites properly and without any difficulty. Link

2. FeedBurner FeedSmith – This plugin redirects all wordpress feeds (posts and comments) to a respective feedburner link. Link

3. Limit Login Attempts –  If you don’t have this plugin installed then all I can do is pray to GOD and ask him to protect your blog from hackers. This plugin limits the login attempt for a user. After the set number of failed attempts, this plugin blocks the IP of that person and a set time period. Not only that the plugin notifies the administrator for failed attempts. Link

4. W3 Total Cache – Every blog must have a site cache plugin installed if you are hosting your site on a shared hosting service.  A cache plugin help in reducing the load on your hosting server and also your site loads faster. I prefer W3 Total cache because this suits best for my blog (compatible with other plugins and theme). Link

5. WP-DBmanager – This plugin is for easy backup, restore or repairing of your database. There are options in this plugin which will let you take automatic backup of database on regular intervals and also email a copy of the backup database to your email address.  Link

6. Google Analytics for WordPress – For easy insertion of Google analytics code into your sites. This plugin has some advance setting which will let you see customized reports in your Google analytics dashboard. Link

SEO Plugins

1. All in one SEO – All in on SEO plugin adds meta tags to your pages automatically. Meta tags helps the search engine bots to identify the content of the page properly and ranks your pages higher on search engines for a keyword. Its the most popular plugin on wordpress for handling overall SEO of a wordpress site. Link

2. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – This is no doubt is the best related post plugin. The things that I like about this plugin is that it is highly customizable and also all related posts links are visible to search engine bots too. Hence it also helps in the SEO of the site. Link

3. Permalink Finder- Permalink finder redirects your visitors to a correct page or a matching page for page not found. So it helps you in reducing page not found errors. Link

4. SEO Smart Links- This plugin automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog. This is again an important plugin which helps in overall SEO of your website. Link

5. Smart 404 – This plugin displays a lists all matching posts of the URL for page not found on your website. It helps in reducing a bounce back from your site in case of page not found errors. Link

Commenting System

1. Disqus Comment System – Somehow I don’t like the default wordpress commenting system. The major reason being the wordpress default commenting system is prone to spam. Implementing a captcha will reduce the spam but will also discourage your visitors from commenting. For this reason I implemented Disqus. With disqus I get 2-3 spams in a week. Link

2. Akismet – One good thing about Disqus is that it supports Akismet. Akismet is a service by the wordpress developers to check your comments for spams. Link

3. Disqus Widget – If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you will see a light blue widget showing recent comments. This Disqus widget plugin and is only applicable for your blog if you are using Disqus comment system. Link

Advertising and Adsense

1. Quick Adsense – Its a very good plugin and helps you in implementing adsense very easily on your website. Link

2. Author Advertising –  This is a revenue sharing blog and the author an article is allowed to keep the 100% of the revenue generated from his published articles on this site. This plugin helps you in implementing the revenue sharing model for your website. If you like to write for this site then read the guest blogging rules. Link

Mobile Browser

1. MobilePress – If you browse this site on a mobile device or a mobile phone then you will find that its not the not normal Letusbuzz site that you see on a computer/laptop. You will find a much simpler but look alike version of the site. MobilePress Plugin checks the device that you are browsing the site and provides a content compatible for that browser. This site is compatible with very low end Chinese phone to a high end mobile phones like Iphone and Android phones. Link

Social Sharing

1. Tweet, Like, Google +1 and Share – A simple social sharing plugin with huge list of options. Not only that this plugin is very light and do not slow down your site load time. Link

2. Scrolling Twitter Like Google +1 Linkedin and Stumbleupon – This is a very stylish scrolling sharebar plugin. Very sleek in design and the icons stay hidden and do not cluster your webpage. If you are looking for a simple sharebar the kind of sharebar sites like Mashable has then you should try out Scrolling social sharebar plugin. Link

Few others

1. Gtranslate –  Helps users to translate the content of the site to a language that they speak and understand. Link

2. Syntax Highlighter ComPress – This a code syntax highlighting plugin which helps in coloring the published code for better understandability. Link

3. Simple Trackback Validation with Topsy Blocker – As the name suggest it validates trackbacks and blocks all trackbacks that are sent by Topsy. This is again a plugin for reducing spams. Link