Top 5 Features of iPhone 4S [Review]

Apple recently launched its latest iPhone – the iPhone 4S. While many people had been hotly anticipating the iPhone 5 they felt a little bit let down by the 4S that finally made an appearance. Despite some disappointment being voiced on all corners of the internet the iPhone 4S is still the most powerful and feature filled iPhone to date, and looks set to be the biggest selling too. So how does the device fare and what are its best features?


The iPhone 5 comes with the same processor as the iPad 2 – the A5 chip. This is a very powerful 1GHz dual core processor means the new iPhone has twice the power of the iPhone 4 and means it is far more capable of performing numerous activities efficiently. This is in addition to the new GPU which means the phone now has seven times the graphical processing power of the original and has some amazing capabilities.

Not only is this the fastest iPhone yet, but it is also the fastest smartphone on the market. Even though some Android handsets such as the Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation have faster 1.2GHz processors, the iPhone 4S outperforms them in numerous speed tests and performance trials.


The iPhone 4S comes with a new 8MP camera, which is capable of 1080p video recording. This ensures that the device is more than equal to many of those other premium phones out there. The new iPhone combines this with the already existing Retina display to great effect. The iPhone 4S produces some fantastic images and is a huge leap compared to the iPhone 4’s 5MP camera.

Even though this camera may sound like it is just matching what is already available on the current top end smartphones, the iPhone 4S’ camera offers a picture quality that cannot truly be conveyed in terms of megapixels. Thanks to an improved lens and CMOS as well as a new IR filter and Image Signal Processor, the camera on the iPhone 4S offers some of the highest quality, vibrant and crystal clear images that can be found on a smartphone camera.

Not only has the camera seen an improvement but the way that you interact with the camera has improved too. You can now gain direct access to the camera app by double tapping to home button, and can even take photos with a physical camera button by appropriating the volume controls on the side of the phone. All of the technical upgrades made to this camera by Apple make it one of the fastest cameras found on a smartphone, allowing you take a picture (theoretically) every half a second.


The new iPhone 4S comes with dual antennas. This means that the phone is capable of switching from one antenna to another, depending on which signal is stronger. This is a great help and a jump from the iPhone 4 and the antenna issues that plagued its release. This will also mean a more solid internet connection and really improves the devices standing in this area which is an important leap forward.

One of the reasons that Apple were able to make the iPhone 4 so slim and pocketable was that they added the antenna around the side of the handset, rather than inside the casing. While this was a great leap forward in terms of design it had the unfortunate effect of cutting out phone signal while the iPhone was being held in a certain position. The new dual antennas completely remove this problem for the iPhone 4S.

iOS 5

The new operating system has been one of the most important Apple developments of recent years and comes with an array of new software features earlier iPhones didn’t have. This new iOS 5 allows for notifications in a similar way to Android, has iMessage a new improved Newsstand and Reader feature. It also comes with wireless iCloud support which means it is able to connect wirelessly.

iMessage is Apple’s version of BlackBerry Messenger and allows iPhone users to chat to each other over the internet. This can be used by iPhone users in a similar manner to SMS messages, except iMessage does not incur a charge like SMS does. iMessage also allows users to send pictures and videos to each other, use smileys and emoticons and even see when the other person is typing.

Another great social feature that has been added is Find my Friends. This allows you to find the location of your friends on a map. You can use this to locate friends at a gig or even to help direct people to your home in case they should get lost.

While many of these features are now available to all iPhone users via a software update, the main attraction of the iPhone 4S’ interface is only available on the iPhone 4S: Siri.


The Siri feature is the most advanced voice control feature ever and allows for voice control to become a feasible option on phones. This technology means you can dictate messages, what you want apps to do, as well as note entries with complete accuracy.

While there are voice controls on many smartphones today, these are usually limited to a certain feature, such as searching Google. Siri is different in that it covers every aspect of the iPhone 4S’ use. You can search Google, but you can also type emails and messages, find out the weather or plan events in your calendar.

Another benefit of Siri is that it truly understands what you are saying. Earlier attempts at voice control had relied on a small set of verbal instructions that must be used for the software to understand your commands. Siri will understand what you mean even if you phrase it in a number of different ways.

Apple always keep hush hush about their latest products prior to launch, and before October 4th everyone was eagerly awaiting the launch of the iPhone 5. There was also talk of a “smaller” and “less feature filled” version of the iPhone 4 known as the iPhone 4S. This is why a lot of people felt a bit let down by the 4S when it was launched. Even though it looks very similar to the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S comes with a great number of new features that clearly set it apart as a superior device.

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