3D Gaming Laptops Are Becoming a Reality Soon Enough

3D movies, 3D desktops, 3D TVs… What about 3D laptops? With all of the 3D hype, new technology is being made every day. Thanks to ASUS, one of the leaders in the computer gaming hardware industry, 3D laptop gaming is a reality. During the latest Computex Taipei, ASUS revealed the ASUS G53SX – the world’s first 3D gaming laptop that can be seen without glasses, also known as the Naked Eye 3D system. Gamers looking to improve their 3D gaming technology should definitely check this out.

Like the Nintendo 3DS, an option will be available to turn the 3D technology on or off. On top of that, a mixed mode is available, which allows viewers to split the display into half-3D and half-2D. According to ASUS’ latest claims, all of the 3D technology in this laptop exceeds the quality of older 3D technology.

 (Courtesy of maveric2003)

With all of the 3D hype the entertainment industry creates each day, it’s important that new technology for 3D is developed. Nowadays, thanks to the companies like ASUS, it’s possible to buy a fully 3D laptop for 3D gaming on the go. This creates a whole new market for the 3D and gaming industry.

“Getting rid of those awkward glasses will be the key to the success or failure of 3D technology,” stated Titus Hoskins, the owner of the http://www.3d-gaminglaptops.com/ website. “Besides the extra expense, many people find wearing the 3D glasses uncomfortable and a real pain to use.” Good point! Many people find the glasses to be uncomfortable, and these glasses are usually priced at a high cost.

ASUS did a good deed by introducing their newest 3D laptop to the industry, developed for 3D gaming that doesn’t require glasses. The 15-inch HD G53SX gaming laptop also includes some other novelty features and specs, which will garner some attention from gamers of all types. Powered by the Intel Quad Core i7 CPU and DirectX 11 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M GPU, the G53SX includes a solid state drive at 1,000 RPM, while most of the latest gaming laptops only run at 7200 RPM. The G53SX also happens to have special 3D content creation and editing software equipped, and the sound quality doesn’t fall short – both THX and EAX 5.0 3D gives this laptop the ability to play 128 additional sound effects at once. Having a mobile broadband is recommended when using this beast to get the best gaming experience possible.

 (Courtesy of Dell’s Official Flickr Page)

Other ASUS products that are equipped with 3D technology are also available in the market, including the ASUS G73JW-3DE Republic of Gamers 17.3-Inch 3D and ASUS G51J-3D 15.6-Inch 3D gaming laptops. They’re excellent choices for gaming laptops, but they fall short compared to the G53SX for two reasons. First, it’s because of the specs; they’re great specs for gaming, but the performance and quality isn’t as good as the GPU on the G53SX. Second, the overall 3D technology ASUS uses in their gaming laptops is of a higher quality. Third, and most important to many 3D consumers, they don’t require the uncomfortable 3D glasses.

Although the ASUS G53SX gaming laptop is one of a kind, new and improved 3D technology and laptops are expected to be produced in the future. What makes the G53SX unique is the Naked Eye system (glasses-free 3D vision) in a laptop made for gaming. This is perfect for any gamer, but having mobile broadband can make this experience even better, especially because of the ability to play online games wherever and whenever you want. The future of 3D gaming is truly a bright one.