The 5 Best New WordPress Plugins for 2012

There’s no doubt about it, there are some tried and true WordPress plugins out there that every WordPress user should have downloaded by now. Plugins like Akismet, Google XML Sitemap, and WP Super Cache are just a few of the industry standards that repeatedly make the list naming off top plugins. But even though 2012 is only a few months in there are some new plugins available that every WordPress user should be rushing out to download:

1. Google Referrer Checker

This plugin records every link that refers someone to your website so that all of the sites that have linked to you are indexed in Google. While Google does a fairly good job on its own of indexing sites for you, the accuracy rate isn’t quite up to 100%, and this plugin helps to find any of the sites that Google may have missed.

2. Pinterest RSS Widget

Talk about taking the world by storm – Pinterest shot straight up the totem pole in website popularity practically overnight. More and more bloggers are gravitating towards letting readers “pin” their posts so that they will reach a wider audience, making it important to download the Pinterest RSS Widget. This plugin allows you to add the “Follow Me on Pinterest” button to the bottom of posts so that your readers can follow you with ease.

3. Track that Stat

Every blogger knows that traffic is the driving force behind your website’s success. The Track that Stat plugin allows web admins to view their site’s traffic stats in real time so they are constantly aware of how successful (or unsuccessful) their website is at any given time. This is especially important when you’re trying to analyze data and see what needs improvement and what’s doing well.

4. PageRank Button

Equally as important in defining website success as site traffic is your official PageRank. The PageRank Button automatically shows you your PageRank within Google so that you are aware of where Google is ranking you.

5. Outbrain

The Outbrain plugin automatically posts your best posts at the end of your articles to help guide people to other content within your site. The longer you can keep people on your website the more likely they are to become regular readers and subscribers, making this a no-brainer when it comes to downloading plugins.

WordPress is constantly rolling out new plugins, all designed to help you leverage the most success possible from your blog. By keeping your plugins up to date you are able to maximize your websites success and continually improve areas that are lacking.