Find Ways to Make Your WordPress Site Run Faster

WordPress is a very popular option for anyone who wants to have an easy to set up and easy to operate website. It is a great content management system. Whether you are using it as a primary website for a company, for a personal blogging site, a photo gallery, or just about anything else, speed is always important. When your visitors come to your site, you want them to have a fast and simple experience so that they will want to come back. Just as the content you have on your site is important, so are the technical aspects that help to make your site run smoothly.

When you have a site that carries quite a bit of content, particularly photo and video content, you might find that it loads a bit slowly. If you notice that your site is slower than it should be, you can bet that your visitors are going to notice this as well. Slowdowns, even if they are minor, can grate on your visitors, and they might not return to your site. Fortunately, you can do a few things to help increase the loading speed of your WordPress themes. Use some of the tips and see if it helps.

Upgrade Your Version of WordPress Now

One of the things that many people forget or neglect to do is upgrade to the latest iteration of WordPress. They see the notification that they have an update available, but they never get around to it. Before long, they are using an outdated version that just isn’t able to keep up. Always upgrade to the latest versions of the system. They often have little tweaks and upgrades that can help your site run faster.

Did You Optimize Your Photos on the Site?

When you have a large amount of photos and images on your site, it can slow the site down. You need to have great looking photos, but you have to make sure that you are working with the right file size. You do not need to have a massive file size on the web since you aren’t printing the photo! Use a smaller file size, and you will find that it will not slow your site down. You can also look for plugins that can help you reduce your image file sizes.

The Right Plugins Help Make a Big Difference

Speaking of plugins, one of the things that you should consider adding to your WordPress site is a cache plugin. They install quickly, just as any other plugin that you might use, and they can reduce the loading time for your site.

These are three ideas that you might want to try for your WordPress site if you believe that it is loading too slowly. If you have some comments on your site that people are having trouble loading the page because it is so slow, then you certainly want to take action sooner rather than later. Try these options and double check the size of the photos that you are loading to your site.

If you find that nothing you do seems to work to help you speed up your site, then you might want to have a professional look at your site to see where the trouble might be. If you are using an old theme, or the theme is not professional, you could have a problem in the actual coding. Since this isn’t something that you would likely be able to find on your own, it makes more sense to work with a pro that will be able to help you get your site up to speed.