Keeping a Blog Relevant in the Age of Social Media

A number of bloggers are concerned as the dominance of social media continues to increase. While many are maintaining strong audiences, much of the conversation on the Internet is moving to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Some bloggers, however, are successfully using social media as a platform to increase their audiences. Here are a few tips.

1. Be accessible
One of the biggest threats to blogs is distracted readers. After forgetting to check out a blog for just a day or two, some readers may neglect to do what used to part of their daily routines. By simply having a social media presence, bloggers can remind their readers of the blogs they traditionally read on a regular basis. Bloggers should ensure that they share everything that is posted on their blog.

2. Share information
While sharing all new blog posts is important, it also helps to establish oneself as a great source of information. By posting information related to the information on their blogs, bloggers can potentially gain new readers as followers spread information to each other. A strong reputation is crucial to maintaining and growing one’s audience, so bloggers should dedicate some time every day to engaging their readers through social media platforms.

3. Integrated comment sections
There are plugins available for major blog platforms to allow users to post comments using their social media accounts. These plugins can make it easier to attract social media users as they will not have to sign up specifically for the blog. Further, these plugins allow users to reply to comments and to like information, which can create more dynamic conversations. Reminding users that the blog is connected to social media platforms also makes them more likely to share blog posts with their friends. You can also capture emails using popups which we have not explained in details over here. You can email them using Aweber or other email marketing companies. The best way to do it by using leadpages landing page generator.

4. Ask for help
Blog audiences often enjoy helping their favorite blogs, but many do not know where to begin. Sometimes, simply asking for help is enough to get readers to share posts with their friends and encourage them to stop by. One fact has become apparent with social media: It is difficult to predict what will go viral. If a blogger can have each post shared by at least one reader, there is a strong likelihood that one post will eventually go viral and spread to hundreds or thousands of social media users who have never heard of the blog before. Bloggers should not worry about being too pushy; Internet users have become accustomed to self-promotion, and simply asking them to help spread the word will not drive them away.