Are Android Apps Inferior to Apple Apps?

android-v-iphoneWe do know that Apple’s total available apps far surpass that of Android’s. However, is it true that Apple apps are better than Android apps? If you’ve ever felt this way you’re not alone. In fact, critics of Android, while defending the OS itself, mirror these sentiments, stating that developers haven’t really been challenging themselves, at least when compared to dynamic content coming from iPad and iPhone.

Why the Imbalance Between Android and Apple?

One reason for this uneven balance could be because developers tend to make their software for larger screens, not for mobile phones. Another issue is the fact that many apps for Android are simply altered (slightly) apps for basic SmartPhones apps—and that’s not taking advantage of Android’s abilities.

In fact, Google, carefully micromanaging Linux’s popular operating system, is now putting pressure on developers to come up with higher quality apps that will take advantage of Android-ready phone’s larger screens. There are not only Android phones but also Android tablets to consider such as the Galaxy Tab, among others. The problem will be in courting developers and making it worth their while. After all, the open source directive of Android may be running contrary to the exclusivity of Apple and iPad/iPhone—which brings a certain prestige.

Developer Problems or Something Else?

A lack of developer respect or not, it’s clear that Android is hugely popular with modern users. Android has already taken over Apple in terms of total downloaded apps. One reason for this anomaly could be that Android products are cheaper and far more scalable than Apple OS and Safari. Android also has that pesky problem of trust; iPhones and iPads are highly secure (if not Blackberry secure) and Google’s Android system is the most vulnerable of all the mainstream OS’s.

Lastly, consider that more Android phones are sold than iPhones so the math is technically different than it might seem; users are downloading more apps on iPhones but more people have Androids with the basic free apps.

Android Apps—Worth the Purchase of a Compatible Phone?

One thing you will quickly notice about Android apps is that they are creatively ingenious and yet far and in between. Google Goggles, for instance, has been universally praised for its visual searching options, though the technology is not quite finished. Apple apps are more business oriented, practical, well supported and more focused in tasks—and are the “apple of your eye” if you’re a Steve Jobs’ loyalist.

The top Android apps for 2011 revealed some games and some business apps, more comparable with old iPhone apps than anything groundbreaking (or anything on the level of Google Goggles).

For instance, Any Do is a popular app that helps users eliminate typing duties by using voice commands to streamline their work. Amazon MP3 is proving to be formidable competition for iTunes, while games and entertainment continues to be a huge boost for both systems. Netflix, Marvel Comics and of course, Plants vs. Zombies are among the most downloaded apps for the Android system. Google Maps is another useful app, as it goes beyond GPS capability by adding customization and more up to date information regarding satellite views and traffic.

Android Apps 2012 and Beyond

Here is news that might give you some faith, or at least hope, in Android’s long-term competitiveness. Microsoft Office 2013 will be available for both Android and iOS upon its March 2013 launch.

Time will tell whether the Android fizzles and falls to the more competitive app-producer Apple, or whether they get their momentum back in the new year. Remember too that Android and iPhone cater to a similar yet different market, as regards budget, security and integrated features. All of this should be taken into consideration when comparing these two game-changing operating systems.

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