BlueHost Web Hosting Complete Overview

It comes under the Endurance International Group’s ownership. It has made its place in the name of the top most web hosting companies and it hosts around 2 million total domains. It was started in the year 1996 and is, in fact one of the oldest companies which is still surviving. Its survival clearly indicates that their services are of the highest quality. It is proudly associated with a network infrastructure which is of the top notch.

Some of the Web Hosting Plans: The current trend in the market is a consolidated plan which is “one size fits all” kinds. BlueHost has been following this trend. Their vision is being showcased, with their recent plan known as ‘Platinum Pack’. In case the web hosting services are being offered in the form of the offerings which are monolithic in nature, then a huge burden is removed from the head of possible clients. But things are generally not as simple as they appear. The buyers actually begin to doubt the practicality and functionality of the features associated with such combined plans. As far as the trouble is concerned BlueHost has actually nothing to worry about as the plans superbly able to cater to the requirements of existing market.

Uptime and Reliability

I have personally tested the services offered by BlueHost and according to me, there are no issues regarding the shared server’s dependability. They are as solid as a rock. The fact that they are providing web hosting to millions of customers and the fact that every month they get associated with more than 20,000 clients is a guarantee of their excellent services. They claim to give you an uptime of 99.9%. This means that for a given time period, the network equipment will be in the online mode for at least 99.9%. This uptime factor doesn’t take into account hardware failure or scheduled maintenance. The company has its own infrastructure unlike many of the web hosts. You can use the latest Bluehost coupon to avail the maximum discount on them

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Customer Support

BlueHost is well known for its outstanding customer support. The complete operation related to support (technical and sales support also) is based in the U.S. and their head office is located in Utah. I have tried to get in touch with the customer support via phone and the hold time has generally never exceeded more than 30 seconds. But there have been some cases in which the customers were made to listen to the hold music for at least 5 minutes. This is rare and according to me this is an amazing web host. The best part is that you get to talk to the experts whenever you want and that too without much delay. You will definitely get a solution to your technical glitches within no time. Read in-depth review about it on

Control Panel

The cPanel, which is of industrial strength is the preferred choice for the control panel. You need to recognize that it is always the control panel which you will put to use for the purpose of administration of your website. It is the cPanel which makes user navigation very simple. It efficiently covers several configuration options that you could have ever imagined. But you need to appreciate the fact that you will be getting a lot more than the usual options of navigation. You will be getting a file manager that is web based, Page-wizard that is easy to make use of. This allows the web pages creation which is sufficiently professional to be created in an efficient and direct manner.

Will you be getting Site Builders?

Conventionally site builders are considered a drop type of site builder and drag of HTML. These are able to build simple brochure sites which are static in nature. This is totally undesirable in case you need dynamic content like commenting or just in case you want the contact form to be featured on the website.

Is their WordPress User-Friendly?

When we are talking about WordPress then there is no bigger name than that of BlueHost. This company has been officially recommended as a host for WordPress. One of the most popular script which is free of cost in the present times is WordPress. This is also considered an efficient CMS or Content Management System. This is due to the ease associated with using features.


I would like to state at the end that my entire experience with BlueHost has been amazing and pleasant. I feel that this company is a perfect web host. I find the reliability, customer support, services and uptime totally commendable. I would like to recommend this web host to you.