Game Review: Top 5 Features of Space Settlers on iPhone & iPad

What is Space Settlers?

Space Settlers is an online Multi-player Sci-Fi game, featuring “real-time strategy (RTS)” and “mecha refitting”. This game is an easy-to-play iOS game for novice. If it is your first log in, you can follow NPC to learn basic controls quickly and easily. That’s it? No, for hardcore players who are tired of repeated game plays, Space Settlers is absolutely worth a try being full of something interesting and challenging.

To begin your first journey in Space Settlers, you can download it for free from iTunes Store: Download Space Settlers

Requirements: iPhone, iPad and iPod of iOS 4.3 or later version.

Top 5 features of Space Settlers & game tips

Mecha refitting: 25 types of mecha chariots are provided for you to create unique chariots with over 100 accessories in different level.

Planet battlefield: You can join the battlefield and occupy fronts to collect some resource. This game mode allows you to work with up to other 2 players if the current stage is difficult.

Legion: Another mode of online multi-player. You will have a chance to create a Legion by yourself or choose to join other Legion to grow up fast and win more resource.

Social contacts: You can build friend groups and invite them to your fight when they are online or send resource and material to each other.

Offline upgrade: Fits for casual players with multi-task upgrade and manufacturing system.

Sometimes you will need more skills, patience and teamwork to complete certain difficult stages. In return, you will get cool awards and huge gratification. Meanwhile, you can upgrade level in this game. Each level will bring you new awards, pleasure and challenge.

YouTube Video of Space Settlers

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