Comparing online gaming between tablets and mobile phones

best-nook-tablet-games-header-650x0A little while ago there was a clear distinction between mobile phones and tablets, and it was clear that the online gaming experience on a tablet was much superior to that on a mobile phone. For a while Apple had a comfortable lead on tablet technology as it was the first company to embrace it; it left everyone else well behind. But today many manufacturers have caught up, and in some respects are overtaking Apple, so we are seeing new tablet innovations that are particularly attractive to online gamers. Tablets are getting more affordable and smaller as well. While there are several advantages in a ten inch tablet, carrying around a small seven inch tablet is far more convenient.

As tablets shrink, mobile phones get bigger. The Samsung Note II has a 5.5 inch display, and the several phones have five inch displays. Essentially they can be seen as small tablets with an identity crisis. For online gaming on the go both mobile phones with large displays and small tablets are ideal solution, but when there are no constraints on lugging a large tablet around, then the larger display is undoubtedly superior.

Another consideration is the kind of games that you prefer to play. Online casino games can be enjoyed just as much on a mobile phone as on a tablet at sites like Lucky Nugget, found at Belle Rock. When you are playing games such as blackjack and roulette, you are more concerned about whether you should hit and ace, or in which slot the ball will land, than you are with super high resolution and advanced graphics; though if you tend to play the more immersive console type games that rely on detailed graphics, then you want the best resolution you can get and are likely to prefer a tablet to a phone.

It is a difficult choice and depends very much on your individual life style, but whichever one you chose the chances are that you will be happy that you did so.