The Cell phone Spy Software with Attitude!

Most people say that selecting cell phone spy software is a trial and error process- you have to use it to know it. These people don’t know things like reviews exist and reading them may help them as well. So if you are one of these who think nothing can replace a personal experience, breathe easy and have faith. This Flexispy review is about one of the leading spy software- who knows it may help you?

Knowing the Basics:

Before we start off with the review, you need to get some perspective about what cell phone spy software is really about. Basically it is a stealth mode program that will record all data on the target phone and upload it on the user account that you can access through any web-enabled device. But you need to install the software yourself and there is no short cut to that- you will have to install secretly. But the rest of the game is pretty effortless.

Prepare a Checklist:

It’s better to prepare a check-list when purchasing cell phone spy software to know what you want there to be the software. You could even consider checking:

  • Undetectibility
  • Flexibility
  • Exclusive features
  • After-sale services
  • Innovation
  • Future prospects

Reviewing Flexispy

I kept the above mentioned pointers to test Flexispy. I wanted to review Flexispy since long because it was getting so much hype from the clients and some critics. I finally got my hand so the software. I found out that Flexispy is:

  • Almost perfectly undetectable
  • Uninstallable by anyone but you
  • Offering 24/7 customer support
  • Compatible with all iPhone models
  • Compatible with all Android phones and most BlackBerry phones

When I tested the features, they respond all fine. The best features, to me are:

  • Trigger alerts for instant notifications
  • WhatsApp and iMessage monitoring
  • Checking GPS location history
  • Track Gmail app mails
  • SIM change notifications
  • Remote phone locking and data backups
  • Recording phone surroundings
  • Free updates on the software
  • Flexible package plans

What’s My take on FlexiSpy?

I’m rather positive about this software as other critics are, too. This software has a lot of potential and the inside story is that Flexispyis about to announce more features soon. So get your subscription today and experience cell phone spy software with positive attitude!