5 Best Extra Features of Microsoft Windows OS

Windows_8_StartThe re-emergence of the Microsoft Windows is focused on the new technology such as touch screen interface for tables. It also focuses on other enhancements to traditional mouse and keyboard features. Modern Microsoft Windows enables you to interact with both metro interface and the tradition windows desktop. The latest Microsoft Windows provides some of latest features, which makes your device more entertaining than any other thing. The following are some of the extra features of the modern Microsoft Windows operating system.

1.    High Speed Performance

Windows 8, which are the latest Microsoft Windows operating system, have better performance speed than Windows 7. If you are a tablet or notebook user, you will notice a significant increase in performance with the Windows 8. Apart from compatibility and other issues that people have with other windows operating systems, the most important features of the Microsoft Windows operating system is the speed with which they work. It provides with feature like:

  • Faster booting process
  • Faster processing speed

2.    The Lock Screen

Windows 8 provides a lock screen feature, which is something one would not expect to happen with other operating systems. The feature present attractive picture as well as some widgets showing information about:

  • Time
  • Number of unread emails
  • Unread messages among other things.

To unlock the screen, you can swipe up or press the space bar in case of a desktop. You can proceed by typing your password or use windows 8 pictures for password, which will let you swipe or draw invisible patterns known only to you.

3.    The Start Screen

The Windows 8 will take you to its new start screen once you log in. The new start screen replaces the old start menu. The start screen contain sets of tiles, each of them represents an application. The tiles show information and notifications corresponding a particular application. For example:

  • Email tile will show the number of unread emails
  • Calendar tile will show the upcoming events
  • Music tile will indicate the name of the music playing

Modern Microsoft Windows start screen allows you to create other tiles for contacts and games. You also rearrange icons easily.

4.    Search and Organization

The modern Microsoft Windows have improved search, which enable the users to find what they need fast and with ease. For example, typing the word “document” will bring the document options within the windows control panel. Typing a word will display the word and split it up tidily into:

  • Files
  • Folders
  • Apps

The modern Microsoft Windows operating system introduces the concept of libraries. The concept borrows from the old the concept of “My documents” and takes it further to a certain level. Libraries such as documents and pictures will allow you to watch several locations, which you can add by yourself. Therefore, you do not have to keep all documents in one place.

5.    Full Screen Applications

Even though you can pin your applications to the task bar, most of your applications will reside on the start screen, the same way they used to reside in the desktop start menu. Tablets, which are optimized for apps will go full screen while others will shoot back to the desktop. The best full-screen apps are those that come with Windows 8. Many of these apps have touch-based controls like:

  • Pinching to zoom
  • Copy and paste abilities

However, you can use mouse and keyboard if you want.

There are other extra features of Microsoft Windows operating systems. For more information about these features, you can contact the Microsoft Tech Support team for assistance.