Five Ways to Succeed with Facebook Marketing

Don’t Make Your Audience Want to Write a Dear John Letter to Your Brand!

Photo by: Anthony Quintano

Not surprisingly, many of the good qualities of traditional marketing also apply for Facebook (and other social networks), but differences exist as well. The tips below will help you be more successful when trying to market on FB. A lot of it is common sense, but it’s nice to see it written out in black and white as a reminder.

Facebook Marketing Wisdom

Here are five pearls of wisdom that will help you with Facebook marketing.iphone

  • Be Sincere – The most important thing you want to do with all your Facebook marketing – organic or paid – is to be sincere. This means being honest and transparent with your fans – really valuing the relationship you have with them. This is the foundation for finding success on Facebook with marketing. You can also use leadpages like services to directly create landingpages which can be used for capturing leads via Facebook. You can get leadpages coupon to get the maximum discount.
  • Be Useful – In addition to being sincere and having a real voice, you also want to make sure you’re posting useful content. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have DIY tips. Some content can be useful for making someone smile or laugh – and that emotion will be connected to your Facebook fan page.
  • Self-Promotion – If you’re posting useful, relevant, entertaining, amusing, or funny content, you can break it up every once in awhile with a self-promotional post. A good ratio is 12 to 15 real content posts followed by one self-promotional post. This ratio will help the success of all your posts and help you grow the numbers of fan you have for your page.
  • Create Own Posts – Sharing other posts from other Facebook pages is a good idea, but you should only do this occasionally. It’s much better to come up with your own content. The best posts combine a photo or video along with just a little bit of text – generally as little as 25 words up to 200 words depending on the goal of the post and the information you’re presenting.
  • Engage and Interact – Posting a steady stream of links to your website or blog is a surefire way to irritate fans of your page – perhaps enough to have them unlike your page! Gasp! In all seriousness, by leaving comments, answering questions, and becoming involved, you’re going to have more authority and trust built up when you start to promote in ways to make money.

The above tips for Facebook marketing aren’t the only ones you need to follow, but if you keep them in mind, you’re going to have an easier time as you grow your social media network.