Top 5 WhatsApp Substitutes

Texting through smartphones is one of the biggest thing everyone boasts about these days. No doubt smartphones have made it extremely interesting to send texts. With the added benefit of using instant messaging apps, we surely get the maximum from both the application and smartphone as well. Application such as WhatsApp has definitely minimised the hollow between people, as they can always stay in touch. The interaction has become much more easy with live text chatting with benefits of exchanging multimedia such as images, audio and video. Only the popularity of such applications brag about how well they were conceived and then received by the users.

Lets take a look at some other applications that can be very well considered as WhatsApp replacements.


viberViber is another popular application that has almost as good features as WhatsApp’s. It is compatible with almost all platforms, moreover it also has desktop application as well (something which WhatsApp lacks). Viber uses mobile numbers for identification purposes, and hence a secure code is texted on the mobile number provided. After the installation, Viber checks the contacts list to search for existing Viber users. One of the highlighting feature about Viber is that it is immensely used to make free calls to other viber users, and you of course get the freedom to send free unlimited text messages, audio, video and images etc.


lineLine is another communication application especially made for free calls and messages. This application is available for all major cell phone platforms and PC use as well. The user can make free Voice calls both from the smartphone and desktop, send unlimited messages and basically communicate with other Line users freely. The user gets to send different types of stickers to make their chats more interactive and expressive as well. They can also send videos and voice messages, location information etc.


wechatAgain this is another application that is made for all platforms such as Android, Symbian, Windows, BlackBerry etc. Besides its compatibility, it has a variety of features such as Live chat, chat backup history, group chat, voice chat emoticons, video call and many more. Also the user gets the option of social networking in this, for instance Facebook connect, Shake, and drift the bottle. All in all pretty elaborated application it is.


groupmeGroupMe is another free application that lets the user to communicate with other people in groups, its quite obvious from its name. Another thing about this application is that the user can text others via push or SMS. It lets the user to communicate in groups as well as send texts to an individual. Therefore it’s easy to reach your near ones easily. The app works on almost all cell phones, over sms’s, provides free group messaging,lets the user to view all the images that have been shared with the group, ‘like’ option for messages, message directing option and many more. This is another famous instant messaging option gaining popularity among users.

Kik Messenger

kikKik messenger is easy to download and available for a wide range of smartphones. The app was started in 2009, and has rapidly achieved 50 million users till now. The users get to exchange videos, smileys, texts, sketches, GIFs, memes etc. It is one of a kind of instant messenger that gives the user a lot of liberty and relaxation. As compared to its other counterparts, the application lacks the ability to make calls to other Kik users, anyhow despite this, the users still use it and are pretty much contented.