5 B2B Marketing Hacks for Small Teams

Business marketing requires you to have some techniques that are creative enough so that you can boost your team’s marketing strategy. All you need is a little problem-solving knack to be able to take your small business to the next level and make it perform for yourself.

B2B Marketing

Here are some hacks for small teams:

1. Getting Insight through alerts – There will be some amount of difficulty that you face in making the new leads work well for you. Due to this, many firms have developed signals which are part of the marketing automation software. There are certain things for which you can get an alert on your email like:

  • When the lead comes on your site
  • If there is a trial or demo that is required by the lead
  • When a new lead is given to the rep
  • When there are some web events or seminars attended by the lead

When the alerts you have are well-placed, then your sales process will obviously get affected and give a big advantage to you.

 2. Go out of the sales cycle – You have to take measures and help to take out any possibility of human error from sales entirely. Of course, that situation is thought of but isn’t possible. But definitely, you can make use of the sales automation so that the sales process gets automated. You can make the sales pitch more efficient, automate the follow-up process and also set up some workflows in the email so that you can have regular interaction with your customers.

3. Post purchase campaigns – All you have to do in the world of business-to-business is to engage and educate your customers to your maximum benefit. It is a fact that it will work well for you when you keep your customers interested in what you offer a long time even after they have made the buy. This cycle will be very beneficial to make you a valuable business partner. You can go in for the post-purchase campaigns like newsletters etc. so that you keep the conversation with your customers going.

4. Take leads from your customers – You have to make use of the information you get about your leads so that you can offer your clients some unique points. You have to think of it like you are having a talk with them and discussing what their needs are and how will they get fulfilled.

You can automate the content marketing system if you are in the business for a long time and a large customer base has been developed, then you can also think of experimenting with an automated system.

It may also happen that your lead gets inactive after some time due to some reason or the other. For these, you can run a re-engagement campaign so that the interest of the lead is re-kindled and get engaged again. You will learn that there are times that this way works the best for you when there is no other hope.

5. Make automated incentives – Dropbox made its marketing incentive viral, and this majorly helped to increase its signups. It is a superb marketing hack for your small business to make the automated incentives viral.

So here is an account of the main hacks for B2B marketing that will help you to better your business. Another point to remember is to stick to any information that you happen to get of the lead, and you can use it to your benefit and then customize your marketing techniques accordingly. The information that you get can be related to the previous history of your interaction with the client, any other personal information or some information about the company.

Therefore, these can go a long way for you to customize the promotions that you carry out for various marketing segment. Then you can lure their attention on the internet on your website and then go into re-market your ideas.

Finally, it is all about how much revenue you gather, and you have to know that marketing automation along with growth hacking will go a long way in helping you achieve this. All these tips will be of dire benefit to you.