Use Trello Backgrounds to Find Your Boards at a Glance

Trello boasts a simplistic design, and there are some “boards” or blank areas that have cards which are actually virtual post-it places. These give you the freedom in planning and organizing anything that you want to. Trello is a company that has more than 150 such boards that help in the growth of this product and aids the users of Trello all over the world in more ways than one.

Trello Backgrounds

Pluses of using Trello

1. Alteration during the process

The greatest advantage of using Trello is that you can alter your boards during the process. This feature makes it very easy to change and grow your teams.

2. Personalize the backgrounds

You can also go into personalization and make different Trello backgrounds of various color options available. It may seem that you are doing this just to break the monotony, but the fact is that this feature will also aid in improving the productivity in a great way.

3. Distinguishable backgrounds

Trello also has the option of changing the color of the background for various boards. This feature is particularly helpful as it aids in customization of each and every board according to your needs and preferences and you can easily demarcate the tab when you have many of them open in your browser. It beautifies your boards and also, in turn, increases your productivity.

4. Wide options of colors

The free plan that goes on in Trello gives you the freedom to select your preferred color from almost nine color options whereas the Business class plan offers much more. You get to choose patterns, photos, and even textures and there is also an option to upload a picture to make it even more customized and a personalized experience.

The latest being the animated GIFs can also serve as your backgrounds. These will make your backgrounds stand out and entirely different from the rest. Some variety to chose from, right?

How to change backgrounds of the boards

There is a possibility of customization of the background in the Trello boards. When it is changed, all the users will see that very background only.  There are more than six colors that you can choose from, and it is a cakewalk to navigate from the boards.

1. Customize the background

When you upload a picture or an image, you can see the various options and set the picture as you like it with dark or light text which will depend on the type of color in the image that you have uploaded.

It is best to use a picture that is of a high quality as there is no pixel resolution since the background image is adjusted to the size of the window in your browser.  Landscape mode will deliver the best possible results according to me.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to Trello, and you can make just any kind of backgrounds with it. Give wings to your imagination and explore and color all you want with this superb tool.

2. Listing

Trello is a very helpful tool, and it will work for you in every way possible. You can keep everything in an organized manner with the help of Trello as it will drag and drop whatever you need, wherever you need it. You can keep making a To-do list and then keep adding the number of records when your projects grow.

3. Search and Labels

You can put names on the cards, and they can be your tagged search items that you have already seen. Also, tags that are coded with color can be added so that different kind of cards can be demarcated with names from one another.

The way to search is pretty advanced as far as the Trello board is concerned. You just have to type whatever you want to search in the top left bar. There is also a possibility to save a search if there is something that you happen to search very frequently. You will never lose anything and just searching for it is all you would need to do when you intend to see it again!

4. Power-Ups

There are many features in the power-ups, and they give Trello boards the ability to act like applications. Teams can make use of Trello Power-ups to the best of their advantage, and every team can have one power-up on the team board. The power-ups are on the right-hand side menu.

All in all, Trello backgrounds can help your boards get that extra edge and stand out from the rest when it comes to customization and choosing various colors and patterns.

There are numerous ways in which you can use Trello and change your background and use different labels and boards for your work. Come and explore the world of options with Trello!