10 Reasons You Need InfusionSoft For Your Small Business

Infusionsoft is a perfect example of an apt CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software, and its features are glaringly competent. This article brings down the key attributes of Infusionsoft and the reasons which make it a necessary part of a business industry.

About Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is a software company which primarily focuses on growth and performance of small businesses with its key features. It can be described as a small business CRM at its core. With its technology, strategically sales skills and expertise it outstands in stimulating the growth of business. Its integration with e-commerce and payment solutions, sales and marketing software solution and marketing automation makes it compelling.

Reasons You Need InfusionSoft

Why Infusionsoft?

The emergence of Infusionsoft as a powerful solution for small business can be credited to various marketing-wise possibilities it offers.

  1. Transform Visitors into Leads

Though it is paramount and wise to know who visits the website, it is more important to engage the visitors and impress them. Furthermore, Infusionsoft provides you a Lead Capture Form duly filled by the online visitors and helps to collect and organize the data. This data gets straight into the CRM and can be used at different times for numerous tasks. You can also catch up and stay familiar with the customer who visits the website.

  2. Track Your Lead Sources Accurately

Infusionsoft enables you with the ability to monitor and report on all the web forms. It is termed as ‘Lead Source’ tracking. It facilitates in an impetuous calculation of the current customers, new leads and the related revenue. This reckoning is done both quarterly and annually. This statistics is vital to analyze the growth and trends of the work.

  3. Connect with the Customers

It is not just important to understand and capture the leads but also to persuade and impress the customers. Sometimes many customers are fickle minded and need a little extra effort to come out of the shell and purchase. Infusionsoft provides a platform to connect and contact the people interested in buying from you. You can allure many people via sending selective and customized emails. Moreover, it also helps to determine the worth of the customer.

  4. Various Plugin Integration

Infusionsoft is compatible with many plugins namely WordPress. Furthermore, it also includes some nifty enhancement elements. Even without these plugins, it’s just a matter of copy and pastes with tracking and web form code.

  5. Mastering the e-Commerce

Another significant attribute is the payment experience, For the customers to buy frequently and at a grand scale, it is crucial to make the shopping a seamless task. Most importantly, the management of all the payees and payments is essential. The integration of the e-commerce system with the CRM and email marketing is beautifully done for the Infusionsoft. It makes the segregation of the customers based on the products bought easy. You can exclusively send the invoices, offers and promotions, payment plans and process credit cards.

  6. Automated Marketing Campaigns

Infusionsoft provides great performing marketing campaigns using a little automation. Various campaign templates are present for the users, and even custom campaigns can be seamlessly created. Email marketing, social networking posts, direct mail letters and automatic voice broadcasts are all available. Along with the Lead tracking, web activity monitoring and website page analytics, this package ensure the continuous improvement and refining of the marketing efforts.

  7. Email Marketing

An email marketing platform facilitates the customers to design a professional and executive looking business emails. The content of the email is customizable as per the customer, and the products bought. This email includes special promotional offers which indirectly maintain a good repo with the customer. Infusionsoft’s email marketing incorporates spam scoring, which tends to fortify the high inbox deliverability rates for users. Additionally, the drag and drop tools of the Campaign Builder are used for quick and easy designing of the promotional emails.

  8. Saving Time

With Infusionsoft you can avoid the monotonous and tedious repetitive work. Besides, you can quickly do the works like create repeatable outcomes, organize the process, and relate more to the people.

  9. Managing Your Follow-Ups

The Infusionsoft platform can store the interactions, sessions, and chores together and integrate it with CRM for a facile sales and marketing activities.

  10. Flexible API

Infusionsoft involves the open API that enables custom add-ons and excellent features.


Infusionsoft provides several potential benefits to a small business such as large data control, team collaboration, builds healthy relation with customers and most importantly increases sale. The software has been rated high during different reviews by experts in the industry.