Infusionsoft’s Seven Reality Checks

Infusionsoft was formed in 2001 at Arizona, USA. Its primary role is to encourage, support and to provide market and other marketing related facilities to small start-ups. Customer relation management (CRM) is a major work field for Infusionsoft. Email Marketing, E-commerce, and E-cart are some of the major services offered by it for its customers.

With the passage of time, Infusionsoft has not only received a large number of awards and recognitions such as holding 47th place in Arizona’s top 100 companies but has also been burdened with a large number of rumors about its functionality. Following are a few reality checks concerning Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft's Seven Reality Checks

1. No Refund Policy

There have been several complaints in the market where Infusionsoft was blamed for not returning the money to its customers. People believe that if they are not using the facilities of the company or are unsatisfied with the performance than in this case the company holds the policy about refunding. In this context, however, the company holds no such policy about refunding the money.

Once you have invested the money, you gain full access to all its facilities, utilizing these facilities is up to the customer, the company holds no such responsibilities regarding this subject. If the customer is not entirely satisfied with the services provided by Infusionsoft, the company does not provide any legal obligation to return your money.

2. Free Demo

Unlike its other competitive companies, Infusionsoft does not provide with any free demo to its users. All of its services are paid offerings from the starting. None of the services provided by Infusionsoft are for free not even for few days. Infusionsoft denies the concept of trial packs, and a new customer can use its features at the prices decided by the company.

3. Preserving Data

The entire data of small firms that are kept with Infusionsoft is preserved throughout the relationship cycle between the two party holders. There have been certain complaints that Infusionsoft is deleting the data about the customers of the firms working with them, but the company’s policies are firm about the data preservation.

4. Content Access

There have been complaints about the company that they are not allowing their customers, small firms, to access the data of their customers. In this respect, the company provides you with access to all the related files, until the time all the facilities have been paid for. After the termination of the service period, the company can repay for then else can ask for a final account of the data.

5. Bulk Social Media Posting

Infusionsoft’s marketing strategy includes posting an advertisement on social media about their customer’s firms, their products, and other details. However, it denies bulk social media posting. Infusionsoft provides various quick and different platforms for marketing. Its marketing strategy includes working at various assets rather than focusing and working at same place and point.

6. Prices

The biggest question before using any facilities offered by anyone is related to the amount of money that is to be charged by them. Different people seem to believe that Infusionsoft charges whatever they feel like, but this is not the reality. Infusionsoft holds a fixed price chart formed by the services that are provided, accounts that are logged in, the time the two sides has been working together and the number of users a firm holds. It begins to provide its services with 3 users at $1000.

7. Infusionsoft A Scam

Last but not the least the major setback for this company is that some people believe that Infusionsoft is a scam. One of the fundamental reasons for such thinking is the various services that are provided by the firm. The company provides its customers with all type of marketing facilities that makes it difficult for the people to believe that it is a real deal.

Infusionsoft is a registered company with a complex network. The company is not a scam. To manage all the work, it mainly focuses on rendering services to all its customers. If a company is providing you with a large number of beneficial offerings, it doesn’t mean that the company is fraud. Sometimes few offerings come with all in one feature.


Infusionsoft is a company which is highly managed and the functionality of the features it offers is accurate. It provides its customers with unique and high yielding marketing and sales ideas. Infusionsoft does not execute these ideas but offers it’s fully loaded and feature packed software to small firms and startups, which are its customers. It then becomes a platform to implement all these ideas. The terms and conditions of Infusionsoft are very clear. Infusionsoft is performing an excellent job in helping different small firms and entrepreneurs.