Should I adopt Infusionsoft? – The Pros and Cons

Infusionsoft is a software company, focusing solely on small businesses with 25 employees or less. The company provides software solutions for CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce, and payment.

Established in 2001, by Eric and Scott Martineau, the company has come a long way from the small start up in Mesa, Arizona, to receive the pioneering award at the Arizona Technology Council’s 2014 Governor’s Celebration of Innovation.

Infusionsoft provides not only sales and marketing automation tools, but also one-on-one coaching services to aid the users in getting up and running.

Infusionsoft as a CRM

The company focuses on new start-ups, taking a kick-start package is mandatory. Depending on the implementation and consulting needs of the business, one can choose from packages starting at $999 to $2,999. These packages provide an executive to assist one for planning sales and marketing strategy, and also one-on-one coaching to carry out the plans.

Along with that, one can choose an annual package starting at $199/month ranging till $599/month. The range of plans starts from Essentials plan, moving on to the Deluxe, then The Complete and finally the Team Plan. The plans offer platform Base CRM and email marketing automation feature.

There’s sure a learning curve to Infusionsoft. A guided tour of the navigation and tutorials on task management are must for using the software to its full potential.

Infusionsoft? – The Pros and Cons

Pros: Its Feature Packed

Some of the features offered by the software are described below:

  1. Customizable widgets for usage statistics, contacts, email reports and campaign reports. The widgets are user-friendly.
  2. The addition of new contacts is easy, and so is lead management. The software offers a handy feature of lead score calculation, after setting up the granular rules, to automate qualification of leads’ worthiness.
  3. An organization dashboard called ‘my day’ lets one prioritize tasks according to the needs. It is one of the best features offered by Infusionsoft.
  4. Another feature offered is the option to host unlimited Web forms.
  5. For email broadcast, the software provides dozens of predesigned templates. Though the options are few, when compared to other platforms, the templates are versatile in comparisons to other few like SendinBlue and Zoho campaigns.
  6. The email stats page keeps a record of opens, unsubscribes, bounces. One can choose a campaign with a series of emails, from predesigned free campaigns and a variety of others. The social reach section shows how each campaign performed on different social platforms.
  7. Straightforward charts, with no complexities, show state to stage lead progression and revenue generated from each lead. It also keeps track of email exchanges with the leads, hence providing user-friendly lead management.
  8. Infusionsoft also offers their marketplace, where one can get add-ons for integration, peculiar to the business type. The marketplace has a few hundreds of products including apps, add-ons, and campaigns.

The Cons

While the software is an excellent way to automate the sales and marketing system, one got to think twice before purchasing the service because it’s quite expensive for a start-up budget. Also, the inevitable learning curve demands patience. For full end customization, one will need their technical support.

After the initial setup, growth is a slam dunk. The software is user-friendly, and tagging feature is an add-on advantage, the team support is commendable. The smooth flow will keep moving the business forward, undoubtedly.

Other similar platforms like Bitrix24 CRM and Pipedrive CRM, provide similar services for pocket-friendly prices.

The Gist

For a new business with under 25 employees and sufficient money to invest, Infusionsoft has all the basic needs taken care of, in the most straightforward and user-friendly way. The team’s effort is praiseworthy, and the developers regularly take a note of market demands and improvise accordingly. The essence of the story is that the software and the support system will indeed live up to the mark if you invest your time and money well in them.