Infusionsoft-The Perfect Software for Marketing Automation


If you are an entrepreneur with a small scale business, having the dream to make it big in the world market and have less time as well as a scarcity of financial resources to do the job, then Infusionsoft is the right choice for you. There is no doubt about the fact that if you really need to make … [Read more...]

Game Review: Top 5 Features of Space Settlers on iPhone & iPad


What is Space Settlers? Space Settlers is an online Multi-player Sci-Fi game, featuring “real-time strategy (RTS)” and “mecha refitting”. This game is an easy-to-play iOS game for novice. If it is your first log in, you can follow NPC to learn basic controls quickly and easily. That’s it? No, for … [Read more...]

Are Android Apps Inferior to Apple Apps?


We do know that Apple’s total available apps far surpass that of Android’s. However, is it true that Apple apps are better than Android apps? If you’ve ever felt this way you’re not alone. In fact, critics of Android, while defending the OS itself, mirror these sentiments, stating that developers … [Read more...]

Transitioning from Education to Business via Social Media


Social media's small effects are difficult to miss. The increased communication these platforms provide is being used to connect people regardless of their geographical locations. The seamlessness these platforms provides, however, is equally impressive. Today, people are using social media as they … [Read more...]

Keeping a Blog Relevant in the Age of Social Media


A number of bloggers are concerned as the dominance of social media continues to increase. While many are maintaining strong audiences, much of the conversation on the Internet is moving to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Some bloggers, however, are successfully using social … [Read more...]

Find Ways to Make Your WordPress Site Run Faster


WordPress is a very popular option for anyone who wants to have an easy to set up and easy to operate website. It is a great content management system. Whether you are using it as a primary website for a company, for a personal blogging site, a photo gallery, or just about anything else, speed is … [Read more...]