Use Trello Backgrounds to Find Your Boards at a Glance

Trello Backgrounds

Trello boasts a simplistic design, and there are some "boards" or blank areas that have cards which are actually virtual post-it places. These give you the freedom in planning and organizing anything that you want to. Trello is a company that has more than 150 such boards that help in the growth of … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips and Tools for Managing Too Many Browser Tabs

Top 10 Tips and Tools for Managing Too Many Browser Tabs

I am among those people who work with a lot of tabs open. They overflow every here and there in the browsers when you are conducting any kind of research online and it is difficult to control the situation too. They just clutter your work and the problem with multiple tabs is also that when you look … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Stay Connected via the Internet

Connected via the Internet

In this day and age, to survive in the world, stay updated with what's happening around and, for everything, we need the internet. There is so much dependency on this tool that we have to be connected to it at all times so that we are in sync with time and technology both. Five ways to stay … [Read more...]

The Role of Mobile App Development in Business


This has genuinely been the 10th years of mobility and users at presently utilize mobile applications in ways that they never yet ago. As a result of that there is no doubt that mobile application development has grown rapidly. Not even five years prior, user were not ready to be closed to the … [Read more...]

3 Things to Consider When Buying a New Smart TV


Ah, so you want a new TV? Great. There's an unlimited amount of choices available to the consumer today and the quality has never been better. If you've chosen to buy a Smart TV for your living room, expect to be confused about what to do and how to do it. With that mind, you might ask yourself, … [Read more...]

The Cell phone Spy Software with Attitude!


Most people say that selecting cell phone spy software is a trial and error process- you have to use it to know it. These people don’t know things like reviews exist and reading them may help them as well. So if you are one of these who think nothing can replace a personal experience, breathe easy … [Read more...]