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Create footer widget area in Thesis theme with just 2 steps (No coding)


In this article I will show you how to create footer widget area in Thesis theme for WordPress with just click of mouse buttons and no coding at all. For this all you need to do is install a plugin … Continue reading

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How To Customize Your Google+ Profile URL


Google+ has grow it users from none to 25 million just in a few days. This rate of increase of the fans have caused many problems for the other social networking sites. Still now Google+ is not opened for all … Continue reading

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How To Detect The WordPress Plugins Used By The WordPress Sites

firebug (1)

Every day we come across many sites while surfing internet and we really wonder how the sites look so beautiful and the web developers would think that can they integrate these looks or features in there sites as well. So … Continue reading

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How to convert Youtube videos into mp3 songs and download it


Youtube is no doubt the best site to find videos and songs. Even the most rarest video/song is most likely to be available on Youtube. I like to hear a lot of rear old songs that I get nowhere else … Continue reading

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How to download Facebook videos


Some time we come across some funny video or a memorable video on our Facebook wall and always wished to download that. Well this is not something that is not possible. Here is how we can download a Facebook video. … Continue reading

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How to add footer widget area in Atahualpa Theme for WordPress


Atahualpa the best free theme I have come across. Every aspect of the design is customizable from the theme options. Here I will discuss how to add widget area in Atahualpa theme. I am using Atahualpa theme on this site … Continue reading

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