6 Browser Extensions to Make you More Efficient (and Provide you With Some fun)

Browser extensions offer provide useful add-ons that expand what you can do with your Internet browser. With Google Chrome, there are a number of browser extensions you can download to help you work more efficiently, play games, blog, shop, and communicate right from your computer. These six browser extensions will get you started, and help […]

Are Android Apps Inferior to Apple Apps?

We do know that Apple’s total available apps far surpass that of Android’s. However, is it true that Apple apps are better than Android apps? If you’ve ever felt this way you’re not alone. In fact, critics of Android, while defending the OS itself, mirror these sentiments, stating that developers haven’t really been challenging themselves, […]

Transitioning from Education to Business via Social Media

Social media’s small effects are difficult to miss. The increased communication these platforms provide is being used to connect people regardless of their geographical locations. The seamlessness these platforms provides, however, is equally impressive. Today, people are using social media as they transition from education to the business world. 1. Sharing information It can be […]

7 Linkedin Tips for Business Marketing

Author Bio: Stuart McHenry is the President of McKremie a SEO Firm that focuses on attorney seo and marketing. If you take the marketing of your business seriously, then you simply have to be on Linkedin, and you absolutely have to take it seriously. Used well, Linkedin can help your business thrive. Follow these seven […]

Why Small business owners have turned to Smartphones

Summary: Smartphones are the central pulse for the modern economy. His article talks about how the Smartphones help the business owners. It discusses briefly the chief reasons for its popularity. Business today is not restricted to a desk or an office. Today, lives have become much faster than earlier and everyone, everywhere is trying to […]

Top 3 Reasons Why You Must Use An SEO Software

With the stiff competition in the online business industry, you must have the edge among all of your competitors. There are so many tools that could help you out with your problem. One of these tools is the SEO software. What are the reasons why we must use an SEO software? The number one reason […]

Plugins – How Are They Useful To Your Blog?

Plugins or Plug-ins in computing are basically software components that are added to a main or major software program. Its usefulness and advantage lie on an essential foundation in computing, that of customization. Plugins can be used to customize certain functions of an application. This in effect will enhance and enlarge the functionality of your […]