Five Ways to Succeed with Facebook Marketing

Not surprisingly, many of the good qualities of traditional marketing also apply for Facebook (and other social networks), but differences exist as well. The tips below will help you be more successful when trying to market on FB. A lot of it is common sense, but it’s nice to see it written out in black and white as a reminder.

Transitioning from Education to Business via Social Media

Social media’s small effects are difficult to miss. The increased communication these platforms provide is being used to connect people regardless of their geographical locations. The seamlessness these platforms provides, however, is equally impressive. Today, people are using social media as they transition from education to the business world. 1. Sharing information It can be […]

Keeping a Blog Relevant in the Age of Social Media

A number of bloggers are concerned as the dominance of social media continues to increase. While many are maintaining strong audiences, much of the conversation on the Internet is moving to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Some bloggers, however, are successfully using social media as a platform to increase their audiences. Here are […]

The issue of digital literacy

When social media became popular among students, many educators immediately labeled it as a distraction: sites like Facebook and Twitter were viewed as high-tech alternatives to passing notes in class. But instructors are now finding ways to incorporate social media into their teaching, both inside and out of the classroom. And by giving students the […]

Blog Updates – The Right Way To Do It

Blog updating can be a very tedious process. But if you do it the right way, it can save you a lot of time and trouble. But why update? Updating is a must for your blog. If you are static and stagnant, the search engines won’t pick up your blog. Stagnant blogs don’t make it […]

Google Plus stream updates on your site

Here I will be talking about the Google Plus stream Widget plugin for wordpress. With this new plugin you will be able to easily display your Google Plus Streams (only public streams) on your wordpress site. Where to get this plugin You can download the plugin from WordPress repository ( or after logging into […]

How to download Facebook videos

Some time we come across some funny video or a memorable video on our Facebook wall and always wished to download that. Well this is not something that is not possible. Here is how we can download a Facebook video. How to download Its a very simple process. All you need to know is the […]

Work better not harder [Video]

Computer has become an integral part of our lives. Those days are gone when we used to think that you need to be a software geek to work hours on a computer. These days even a simple accountant needs a computer to match his accounts. Here is a video that came floating on my Facebook. […]