6 Browser Extensions to Make you More Efficient (and Provide you With Some fun)

Browser extensions offer provide useful add-ons that expand what you can do with your Internet browser. With Google Chrome, there are a number of browser extensions you can download to help you work more efficiently, play games, blog, shop, and communicate right from your computer. These six browser extensions will get you started, and help […]

Google Plus stream updates on your site

Here I will be talking about the Google Plus stream Widget plugin for wordpress. With this new plugin you will be able to easily display your Google Plus Streams (only public streams) on your wordpress site. Where to get this plugin You can download the plugin from WordPress repository ( http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/google-plus-stream-for-wordpress/) or after logging into […]

Google Releases New Photo-Sharing Social Network

Since its inception, Google’s new social network Google+ has created a lot of buzz in the social media world: it inquired more than 10 million users within its first couple of weeks. While the media has focused most of its attention on Google+ (it is after all rumored to pose a serious threat for social […]

Notifier for multiple Gmail accounts including Google Apps – GmailAssistant

Tired of logging in and out of multiple Gmail accounts to check for unread email. To easy your work here is a Gmail Notifier that works with multiple emails at a time. GmailAssistant – Review The best application that I came across for Gmail unread emails notification. It has has been coded with java that […]

A review of Google Webmaster guideline

Google being the most famous and most powerful search engine which handles more than 1 billion searches a day. So if you are an owner of an website then you must not only get your website index by google but also get a good page rank so that your website is ranked higher for your […]

Google Search getting better with Google Instant

Google finally added more to its unbeatable search engine. They call it Google Instant. Now you can search as you type in the Google search box. Results keep on flooding your screen as you type. Have a look at this video. Google Instant feature is live at Google.com. Its really amazing. Well thats what I […]