Farmville Haybale Buy/Sell Automation


Haybale Buy/Sell Automation is an automation software which helps you automate the process of buying and selling of haybale in Farmville. Continuously buying and selling of haybale can quickly increase your XP and thus help you in quick leveling up.

This is a Cash/XP tradeoff technique to earn quick farm XP.
If you got lot of cash to spare then u can get quick XP by buying and selling Haybale again and again.

Cost of haybale is 100
XP earned is 5
Sell haybale for 5

So for 95 coins you are getting 5 XP
or 19 coins for 1 XP
which means you spend 19000 for 1000 XP

Though the Soybean Plow Delete method has more value for cash but it takes lot of time.

Haybale Buy Sell method is lot faster than Soybean Plow Delete method.

This method can be automated using software Haybale Buy/Sell Automation

Download :
Enjoy Farming :)

  • http://adadfa Alex

    Hey this is really great!!!
    Nice work dude

  • Roberto

    ———-not working———————–
    after buy 1 bale,when i click on tool button and i sell it i got no message,if i use delete button no work

  • roberto

    Hye,it is not working properly,there is no accept pop up when you sell haybales so no works

    • admin

      the accept button pop up is coming because u forgot to set the “Accept button” coordinates
      before running the script you should set the coordinates of the accept button by keeping the mouse cursor over the accept button in farmville and then pressing “A” on your keyboard. accept button coordinates should be set both before running the whole script or just the delete haybale script.

      you can check the documentation for the steps to successfully run the automation
      go to

  • Muggel

    Hi, just downloaded this and it does NOT work at all. The app does NOT even start. M.

    • admin

      Actually this is weired. After reading this comment I downloaded it myself to see if there is a corrupted file upload. But the upload is fine. May I know what operating system you are using. The software is coded in Visual Basic 6.0 so you require the VB6 runtime to run this software. You may also try to run the software in another system you have access to, to see if its running or not. The software is working fine.

  • Genevieve the FarmVille Girl

    Incredible, that’s definitely what I was looking for! You just spared me alot of digging around

  • Hafiz

    dear im using window vista and i download ur software but it’s not working a error is coming “unexpected error”

    & i already download VB6 but situition is same

    help me plz

    • admin

      Hey thanks for bringing this issue to my notice. I have corrected the problem regarding the Windows Vista and Have released the version 2.0.1.
      Its fully compatible with windows vista

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  • Mob Game Portal

    When is the next version of this tool coming out?

    • sudipto

      Well I myself don’t know when because I don’t see that anyone any request or improvements. You suggest me one and I will implement it as soon as possible :)

  • Misermice

    Hey Sudipto

    I am trying to downlaod the file but it says the file has been deleted
    (both rapidshare or hotfile). Iam i doing anything different or am i looking at wrong place ?
    I am going to the above mentioned download link and going through the ADD then choose from downloads from the following page

    I never tried your tool but if this works .. for auto selling n buying hay bales..

    Dats like Wooohhh..

    If it works out for me i will be more than happy to donate something for the software.


    • sudipto

      The rapidshare and the hotfile link are for the older version. The “Mirror 1″ link is for the the version 2.0.1. Download it from…This software works for sure. If you need any help regarding using the software then drop a comment. I will reply back within a day. And thanks for considering a donation. Its always appreciated but there no compulsion.