How to install a Atahualpa Theme Skin

Step by step

1. Using a FTP software upload the images from the skin folder to your Atahualpa theme folder > Images

2. Login to your wordpress Dashboard and take a backup of your current settings. (Please take a backup of your settings. In case something goes wrong then you can restore back to your earlier settings.)

ATO  >  Export/Import settings > Export & Download Atahualpa settings file

(Refer to image below)

3. Upload the settings.txt file in the downloaded skin.

ATO  >  Export/Import settings > Upload & Import Atahualpa settings file

(Refer to image below)

4. Refresh your website.  For more help drop a comment below.

Download Atahualpa skins

Click here to download Atahualpa skins

Request a Skin for Atahualpa

You can request a look alike skin for Atahualpa in the comment box below.

Please Note-

1. The template design or the look alike design should have no copyright and should be free to use and distribute.

You can visit website for free web templates designs.