How to create a backup of your Blogger ( Blog


First why are you required to keep a backup of your blogger blog As we know Blogger is owned by Google and google is very strict about its policy. There has been incidents when even a legitimate blog is blocked by Google will no means to retrieve the Posts. So its always better to keep a backup of … [Read more...]

IE 9 Review – The newest and the most advanced browser

IE 9

Internet Explorer is the most used browser till date. But it is loosing its users to Mozilla and Google Chrome. So what should Microsoft do?? Nothing but to release the most powerful browser till date. With the release of IE 9 beta Microsoft has once again proved that when it comes to software for … [Read more...]

A review of Google Webmaster guideline


Google being the most famous and most powerful search engine which handles more than 1 billion searches a day. So if you are an owner of an website then you must not only get your website index by google but also get a good page rank so that your website is ranked higher for your keywords. To make … [Read more...]

How to create word cloud


Recently I was thinking of create a word cloud design to put it in the background of  a website I was creating. So I google for it and came across  a website I found it interesting and thought of writing a review of this website. Wordle is a free online service to quickly beautiful word … [Read more...]