How to Get your new website Indexed by Google in a day


I used to write articles for various websites and blogs when I decided to make my own Website. Making a website wasn’t that hard. Second thing came in my mind as to how to get my website indexed in major websites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Here I will discuss about how to get your site indexed in … [Read more...]

Google Search getting better with Google Instant


Google finally added more to its unbeatable search engine. They call it Google Instant. Now you can search as you type in the Google search box. Results keep on flooding your screen as you type. Have a look at this video. Google Instant feature is live at Its really amazing. Well … [Read more...]

Gmail getting better with Priority Inbox


Gmail introduced a new feature known as the Priority Inbox . Once there was a saying that you never need to delete a single mail with Gmail. And Gmail has keep to its promise. But what about the ever increasing number of emails in your Inbox. May be you get tones of mail each day and you need to … [Read more...]

Farmville Haybale Buy/Sell Automation 2.0

Haybale  Automation

Finally the version 2.0 of  Haybale Buy/Sell Automation is out. Download it Now It take approx. 15 min to earn 10,000 XP using this automation tool. Try it. Now you will never be behind any of your Neighbor. Reach from Level 10 to Level 30 in just 15 days.......... Have a happy farming :) … [Read more...]