Ultimate Thesis Options Plugin

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  • Carlosgarcia_ie

    I would like to add a text linked to my email address in the footer of my page, the theme I’m using is Travel Blogger 1.3.2

    Where people can click and send me an email but I don’t want my email address to be disclosed

    What is the best way to do this?

    • http://letusbuzz.com sudipto

      Use contact form 7 plugin

  • Abhishekh328

    can you also post css for the this. I have tried but could not succeed.

    • http://letusbuzz.com sudipto

      What CSS do you want? I mean please clarify what do you want to do?

  • David

    I am not able to uncheck the “Use Default Thesis Footer (To use this custom Footer uncheck this option)”
    I uncheck and when I save, it is still checked.

    • http://letusbuzz.com sudipto

      is the default header option working? Can you uncheck that?

  • Kit

    Doesn’t work for me. Nothing changes when I use the header or footer widget with my affiliate html code. Using zeesynergie theme.

    • http://letusbuzz.com sudipto

      This plugin is specifically for the Thesis theme for wordpress. This won’t work with any other theme.

  • Anonymous

    Need some guidance. Trying to remove underline from links in the footer. The only way I’ve successfully done this via css (text-decoration:none) is to set the linked elements to “display:block”. Any suggestions?

    • http://letusbuzz.com sudipto

      Well I think you are getting confused with the default underline of the footer links. Those are not

      infact those are (border-bottom).. So to remove them set (border-bottom:none;)

  • Guest

    All I need to do is center the existing menu, but cannot get plugin to do it… any ideas?

    • http://letusbuzz.com sudipto

      you can not use this plugin center an existing menu. This plugin is only for those who want to do the design the header section from the scratch. Only then you will be able to get the center menu. Check out the below article for menu centering in thesis. http://letusbuzz.com/2011/02/how-to-center-align-menu-thesis-theme-for-wordpress/

      note: edit the custom_functions.php file requires a little knowledge of PHP. Doing anything wrong will crash your site.

  • Guest

    Never mind, sorry–it works now, have no idea what I did differently

  • guest

    great – thanks for this – code for custom css? – or do I just need to add styles to theĀ  footer box (using the 3 col only) in the plugin set-up area?

    • http://letusbuzz.com sudipto

      you can add styles to the default custom.css file of thesis as you normally do.

  • http://www.healthierways.com/ Jerri

    thanks for this useful plugin.. since I don’t really have the knowledge to modify my blog theme.