Seven SEO Trends in 2013

seo trends

Seven Search Engine Optimization Trends You Need to Know About. Continue reading

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Top 5 WhatsApp Substitutes


List of 5 alternatives to WhatsApp mobile messenger. Continue reading

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How does SEO work in 2013-2014?


To achieve success in your online business, try to implement latest SEO tricks/methods so that Google doesn’t penalize your site. Continue reading

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5 Best Extra Features of Microsoft Windows OS


The re-emergence of the Microsoft Windows is focused on the new technology such as touch screen interface for tables. It also focuses on other enhancements to traditional mouse and keyboard features. Modern Microsoft Windows enables you to interact with both metro interface and the tradition windows desktop. Continue reading

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Five Ways to Succeed with Facebook Marketing

Not surprisingly, many of the good qualities of traditional marketing also apply for Facebook (and other social networks), but differences exist as well. The tips below will help you be more successful when trying to market on FB. A lot of it is common sense, but it’s nice to see it written out in black and white as a reminder. Continue reading

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Cloud Computing for Startups: How Does It Work and What are the Benefits?

With the fast advancement of online services and shared web applications, it’s no wonder there have been so many new technologies coming out for startup businesses to make use of. It’s in this regard that you’ve probably heard of the term “cloud” in a totally different context. Continue reading

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